John G. Davies, Architect, Incorporated has been licensed to practice architecture in the Province of Ontario, Canada, since 1977.

Our practice, over the intervening years, has relied on the skills and experience of our president John G. Davies, B. Arch., to provide architectural services, supported by a team of architects and draftsmen that have been hand picked for each task at the appropriate level of skill demanded by the requirements of each project.

Although initially a general practice, John G. Davies, Architect, Incorporated, has now become specialized in the provision of expert witness services for cases that involve design and construction matters (including personal injury cases in which the injuries may have resulted from negligent design or construction or from a failure to meet the Codes and Industry Standards prevalent at the time of design or construction in the locality of the place of the work).

We also provide expert professional services with regard to the preparation of ‘Front-end’ and procurement documentation on a consulting basis, especially on those projects utilizing the Design-Build method of procurement. Additionally, we provide independent Third Party Peer Review, Compliance Verification, Progress and Payment Evaluation, and Certification Analysis services .

While our sister company JGD Resolutions provides ADR services relating to the design and construction industries that doesn’t involve the provision of architectural services as a component part of such services, the architectural practice provides those special types of ADR services such as expert neutral evaluation, expert determination, and Dispute Adjudication Board services both internationally and throughout Canada.

John G. Davies, our president and CEO, draws from over fifty years of architectural and construction administration experience, and during this time he has worked on major historic restoration projects, embassies, hotels and convention facilities, office buildings, churches, laboratories, schools, major regional shopping centres and various other industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) buildings; custom housing, multiple unit residential buildings, and high-rise residential; and toxic and hazardous substances decontamination in both the residential and ICI sectors of the Industry.

Internationally Mr. Davies has worked on projects located in Italy, France, Lebanon, Jamaica, South Korea, the UK, and USA.